Best Dog Winter Coats

As you’re pulling out your winter wardrobe, it’s also time to get your dog outfitted in the right gear. Sure, they have a furry coat to keep them warm, but it’s often not enough – especially for smaller dogs , thin dogs and senior dogs. They need the most protection from the biting cold and would benefit immensely with the addition of a winter coat.

best Dog Coats for Small Pooches: Keep Your Canine Tiny & Toasty

Walking your dog in colder conditions can be very uncomfortable for you and your furry friend. Many dogs can benefit from that extra layer of comfort and protection when faced with extreme weather conditions. Young pups, small and miniature dogs are not able to retain their natural heat. Senior dogs who suffer from joint or muscular pain will require extra warmth and comfort. Winter coats for dogs are available in a variety of different sizes, colors, and styles.

Frisco Portland Dog & Cat Parka

For example, if your pooch is a large breed, it might be best to find a jacket that’s at least one size larger so you can give him the room he needs to stay warm. Some dog owners feed their dogs more during the winter in an effort to provide a little extra body fat to keep them warm. While this may provide extra protection from the cold, vets point out that the health risks of carrying extra weight cancel out any protection they might get. It fits our barrel chested 70lb pit bull mix well and hangs down long enough to cover his hips, which is great since he has arthritis and they can get sore in the cold weather. It is also fleece lined, has exterior pockets and great reflective bands that make him easy to see on night walks.

This is especially important for hooded jackets and coats that cover the neck. Without an adjustable Velcros, your collie won’t be able to turn his head to check on you. Most dog clothing is made of nylon, though some manufacturers offer a wider range of other fabrics. Nylon is lightweight and reasonably breathable, and it’s the most common fabric used for dog clothes. It also comes in various textures, such as smooth satin and plush.

A downside here is that there appears to be limited sizing available – although that may change. At the moment, only medium and extra-large versions are available. The medium is particularly suited to small to medium dogs, such as King Charles Spaniels, while the extra-large version would – unsurprisingly – suit an extra-large dog . The only major downside of this coat is the lack of color choice – only blue is listed. If you would like a different color, look out for the “Luxury” Rosewood Night-Bright LED Dog Jacket which is available in red instead of blue.

  • The material used for making a Dog jacket will determine how comfortable and warm the model is.
  • We also love that these pajamas has a “bad dog” print of skulls and crossbones rather than a feminine frilly print like you find on so many other pajama sets.
  • This unique dog winter jacket is as lightweight and thin as possible but at the same time insanely weatherproof and designed to keep your doggo warm in extreme weather.
  • These coats will add style and warmth while protecting your pooch from rain, wind, and snow.

Also, remember that pups that love the indoors will have different comfort demands compared to those that spend considerable time out in the cold; hence why you should buy appropriately. Most of us wouldn’t go out to buy a pair of jeans two sizes up or down; in the same vein, your furry friend will also require the right fit. Be sure to only opt for a sweater that isn’t too tight or too loose – you will only be wasting your time, as your pooch might refuse to get it on. If you have a large breed dog, opt for manufacturers that offer large dog sweater sizes. Sadly, it only comes in either red or blue so if you’re looking for another color, you’d definitely have to look elsewhere.

Reversible Windproof Winter Coat

The best things were ease of putting on/taking off, and the very lightweight but warm insulation. I think most manufacturers prefer velcro because it usually allows for a bit of easier adjustment when it comes to sizing. However, without velcro I guess all that’s left is zippers and snaps. Snaps can be a bit finicky and can come apart when your dog moves around. I suppose buttons are a decent option, but I don’t see many dog jackets with buttons these days.

Running from XS to XL , you should find something to fit pretty much any breed of dog. The only niggle here is that, like many of these jackets, you might find some discrepancies with the size chart. It’s worth taking your time here to avoid getting a coat that doesn’t fit properly.

The reflective colors on both sides are cute while making sure your dog stays safe in winter months. Although a raincoat can be used year round, it’s a great investment for snowy climates too. Best paired with a warmer sweater or vest for dogs that chill easily, this dog raincoat provides plenty of protection against winter snow and sleet.

Ideally you can bring your dog shopping and have her try the jacket on but these measurements will be helpful in a pinch. Small, light dogs that have thinner, shorter coats of fur often have trouble keeping themselves warm. Larger dogs with coarse coats can generally stay warm, but if they are sick or have a weak immune system a good coat would be a good idea. The fur-accented hood has three snaps on the back with toggle accents for extra style.

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