Best Dog Harnesses In 2021, According To Dog Trainers And Walkers

Dog harnesses vary in their size, material, appearance, and design. For example, the majority of dog harnesses are designed for standard usage. This means that they’re built to withstand walks, trips to the dog park, and outdoor play.

If a harness doesn’t fit well and a dog pulls hard on his leash, there is some potential for a chest injury, says Dr. This is because front-clip harnesses may put too much pressure on the throat region when the dog pulls on the leash, Nelson says.

Instead, you can check out the top collars and harnesses for training your dog, recommended by some of the best animal behavior consultants in the country. Wolfgang Man and Beast These beautifully-designed dog collars boast creative patterns while rocking sturdy hardware you can rely on. If this is your first time hiking with your dog, there are a few unspoken rules of hiking etiquette you should know before hitting the trail. You don’t want to be out in the woods and lose sight of your fur baby. Reflective linings also work, especially if you plan on hiking into the evening.

Measurements Of Your Dog

If you’ve ever tried a dog collar that’s intended to stop pulling, your experience may have been hit or miss. These collars are not created equally, so we’ve tried as many as possible to see which ones are worth investing in. The following ten reviews will share all that we learned while training our dogs with these collars, so hopefully, it will help make the decision easier for you. To create the perfect fit, adjustments can be made to this harness in the chest, back, and belly areas to prevent the chafing and slippage that some dog harnesses are known for. With outdoor adventure in mind, the Lifetime harness is quick-drying, and its reflective nylon webbing is double-reinforced. As a sign of the thorough consideration that went into this harness, all of the webbing’s seams are outward-facing for extra comfort.

  • On the other hand, there will one clip with a double pair pins to complete the chain.
  • The Chai’s Choice Outdoor Adventure Harness is one of the best-reviewed dog harnesses we’ve ever seen.
  • At just $5.99, this eco-friendly collar is constructed with soft, durable soy fibers.
  • On the other hand, we have prepared a list of factors which you need to check prior to buying any product.

We preferred harnesses that were durable yet light enough that they wouldn’t weigh our dogs down. The L.L.Bean Personalized Reflective Pet Harness was our previous pick for a step-in harness with a back attachment. We loved it because it is highly reflective, can be personalized with your contact information, and was backed by L.L.Bean’s legendary warranty. But L.L.Bean reduced its lifetime warranty policy to a one-year warranty policy, putting it on a par with those of many of the harnesses we tested.

Petsafe Big Dog Remote Training Collar

As the best dog harness overall, we’ve selected the versatile Petsafe 3-in-1 Harness, which works as well for dogs who pull on leash as for those who don’t. Every expert we spoke with said harnesses are a better, safer way to walk your dog compared with leashing them at the collar. Wearing a collar can be dangerous because it puts pressure on the neck and throat during walks, which can lead to increased eye pressure, and in extreme cases, tracheal collapse.

The model is easy to adjust and, it prevents dogs from slipping their harnesses when they are having fun. Comfort definitely wasn’t an issue because the padded chest felt soft enough. Our enthusiastic doggo didn’t show any signs of discomfort whenever we pulled him back a little. We also liked how the straps remained in place during our entire walk outside.

best Dog Collars & Harnesses For Training: Top Picks!

However, every harness size differs according to your pup’s size, so if you follow the above mentioned, finding the right harness size should not be that difficult. Alright, first off you need to have a basic knowledge about your pup’s size. Selecting a wrong sized harness for your Westie can be painful and harmful for them.

Chais Choice Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness

As you tighten each strap, double and triple check that you can slide two fingers beneath the harness without trouble. Making sure the harness you’re using for your dog fits correctly is sometimes more important than the actual harness. A dog harness that is too loose could slip off when you least expect. And a dog harness that is too tight can cause awful chaffing on your sweet dog. Ruffwear is also praised for its integrated harnesses with five adjustment points. You’ll be especially glad for the secure fit the adjustment points allow when you see how much it can carry!

Many dogs are easy to fit for harnesses – labs, cattle dogs, and other popular mid-sized to large breeds are a piece of cake. The trouble comes when your dog is one of the more “extreme” body shapes, like sighthounds, mastiffs, or very stocky breeds. It’s much harder to learn when you’re afraid, in pain, or just uncomfortable. That means that one of the biggest things to look for in your best dog training collar or harness is comfort. Like all Ruffwear products, the Approach Dog Pack is made with durable, light materials that still manage to take on heavy duty jobs out in the wild. The lightly padded pack keeps pups comfortable and safe on longer hikes, so you don’t have to worry about blisters or exhaustion.


While a traditional harness that clips to a leash at the spine is a great option for dogs who stick close when they walk, it’ll make your job harder if you’ve got a dog who pulls. And if you’ve got a dog that already walks nicely on leash, a harness that clips at the chest may not be the ideal fit for your outdoor adventures. Choosing the right harness can make life a whole lot easier for both you and your dog. With so many dog harness options available, it can be a challenge to know what style you and your dog will most benefit from using. To come up with the best options for a variety of dog walking needs, we’ve consulted with veterinary experts and dog training and care professionals.

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