Best Dog Cameras

Also, speaking of being anxious, the data obtained by this pet camera is stored locally via the SD card so you don’t have to worry about images of your home being susceptible to a breach. One review mentions that they love the TOOGE Pet Camera but struggled to find replacement parts for it. Once you find the right camera, you might want to consider investing in a pet tracker or GPS collar for added peace of mind. We’ve rounded up our favorite wearable trackers and collars, which can monitor your pet’s location and activity to help make sure it’s safe and healthy. Cloud services – Most home security cameras offer cloud services, but do you need cloud storage services for your pet camera? Of course, that’s up to you, but it’s worth deciding whether you need it — and if so, how much extra you’re willing to shell out for it.

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Dogs engage in all types of weird and hilarious activities when mom and dad aren’t home, and it can just be fun to watch them when they don’t know you’re looking. Of course, you don’t need a treat-dispensing camera to do so, but it is an additional capability you’ll have. Although each of the treat-dispensing cameras detailed above are deserving of consideration, we’d recommend going with the Petcube Bites 2. It’s pretty easy to recommend this camera since it’s the one we’ve gotten to experiment with in person and have been able to witness how impressive it is. Access vet chat for on-demand help through the Petcube app if you notice any odd behavior in your dog. This camera even allows you to make video recordings, so you can watch her most entertaining exhibitions over and over.

Best Dog Cameras

Our only complaint is that Furbo requires a subscription to use its cloud storage service if you want to keep records of your dog’s activities. Petcube Care membership unlocks exclusive savings of 5-20% on pet cameras, food & treats, and accessories, plus partner benefits and extended camera features. On the downside, the camera can get pretty loud when dispensing treats and some dogs can get scared of the sound. Another problem is the low quality of night vision mode – I have choppy and barely visible video when the camera was in night vision. Some users also reported connectivity issues, especially if you have multiple Wi-Fi networks in your home.

You can use this camera with any treats you like, as long as they are about 0.4 inches in diameter or smaller. Alexa-compatibilitybuilt-in so you can use the Petcube to play music to your pup or order a fresh batch of treats. Treat-dispensing cameras are a great way to interact with your dog and give her a little love when you are away. For over ten years iDogCam has created web camera solutions focused specifically for the pet care industry. While browsing through our site, I will provide you additional layers of information that could be helpful and save you time. More and more companies are jumping on the opportunity to upgrade their systems to IP and HD over Coax video with DW® products.

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The secure Petcube network is encrypted and secured through 128-bit encryption and other security protocols adding to your piece of mind. While it lacks a treat dispenser, the Petcube is attractive, functional and sets the bar for pet cameras. This camera also works with Amazon Alexa and comes with motion sensors and alerts that you can receive on your iOS or Android device.

  • Available in both autoplay and manual mode, the laser toy can keep your pets occupied for hours.
  • We offer service solutions for single camera locations, to enterprise multi-location franchises with hundreds of cameras.
  • Unfortunately, TENVIS Dog Camera does not support cloud storage like some other products.
  • Since the Cam doesn’t have any interactive features, on its own it’s just a home security cam with a paywall.
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