Best Dog Ball Launchers For 2021

It only takes loading and pulling the trigger to launch the ball. This ball thrower comes in a bright red colour, and it’s made of durable thermoplastic rubber. The TMR is a sturdy and moldable material commonly used for making durable toys.

best dog ball launcher

We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews. Want to check out the dogs behind the scenes of each product review? Because of the arc, it fires balls at and its power, we wouldn’t suggest using this one indoors. You can read more of our thoughts at our Max Launcher review post. The launcher works by loading a ball in the front of the Kannon which can be done with the ball directly on the ground, and pushing the muzzle of the cannon into it. From there, you pull the handle on the back to load the ball, and fire it with the trigger.

How Long Will A Typical Ball Launcher Last?

Luckily, ball launchers make it easier for you and your four-footer to enjoy a satisfying game of fetch. Throws smaller balls, which works great for smaller breeds. Great for people with low shoulder mobility or arthritis, as the trigger is easy to pull. A lever makes it possible to adjust the length of your throw. As your dog gets more comfortable around the tennis ball gun, he will eventually learn to drop the ball where it needs to go.

SmartPult is definitely one of the more unique and innovative ball throwers on the market. This app-enabled smart ball launcher dispenses treats while also engaging your dog in a game of fetch and mind stimulation. Until your dog becomes completely comfortable using the automated dog ball launcher, watch them closely. You should also try to watch experienced ball launcher using pets while they play so that you can intervene if anything goes wrong. Now that Fido is comfortable around the dog ball launcher you can begin teaching them to use it.

Etna Gotcha Talking Dog Fetch Toy : Fun Ball Launcher With Talking Feature

This way, you can get some of your furry friend’s energy out without having to over-exert yourself. Add interest to games of fetch by choosing a unit that allows you to adjust the launch angle. Mix things up for your pooch, so he never knows where the ball will end up next.

  • Don’t force anything if you don’t want your pup to completely resent the device — only positive reinforcement with treats and praise will work as a long-term solution.
  • Continuous ball throwing can also harm your arm, but you need to make your dog happy and play with him.
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  • Consult your vet to find out how much exercise is enough for your pet.
  • However there are a few drawbacks worth mentioning to you, the owner.

Like the other products, the ball bounces really high, making it extra exciting for your dog to play with and fetch. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the ball thrower, you can use it over long periods, and it doesn’t require much effort to launch the ball across great distances. An automatic dog ball launcher is a machine that automatically throws balls. They are generally made of durable plastic, and look like small containers. They have a larger funnel type of hole in the top, where the dog can bring the balls and put them in. However, some manufacturers make throwers that use balls in a different size.

Best Dog Ball Launchers In 2021

That’s right – you can play fetch with your dog without getting dog slobber all over your hands! For hands-free use with an automatic launcher, your dog will have to learn how to place balls into the machine’s reservoir. It’s a Blaster that fires standard tennis balls up to 50 feet.

We’ve scoured thousands of Amazon reviews, listened to customers, and talked to experts to find the best automatic ball launchers. We are here to help you find the best ball launcher to keep your dog entertained. To help you find the best dog ball launcher for your pup, we researched and analyzed reviews, surveyed dog owners, and examined options with multiple attributes. The launcher can be fed with regular tennis balls, it also comes with a ball that has the dimensions of a standard tennis ball. The ball is made from pet-safe rubber to be safe or your dogs if they try to chew it. Dogs always love to play especially with their friends and have a lot of energy and power that can make you get tired after a few minutes.

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