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We sell artificial grass that is strong, realistic, and durable while costing a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere. It can last for many years while requiring little maintenance and no water. While many people still use artificial turf to improve the look of their yard or lawn, there are many things you could utilize artificial turf for.

Our goal is not to sell you grass, but instead to provide you with a solution to your landscaping problems. If none of our products can achieve that, we have no problem telling customers to explore their options within the rest of the turf industry. After all, we just want you to be happy with your turf project results. The goal is to find quality grass that meets all your requirements. By realistic, we mean no yellowing or balding spots like you’d usually see on real grass.

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This realistic artificial grass product is designed for pet owners, whether you are potty training them or want a low maintenance solution to a clean yard. The synthetic grass feels soft, making it safe and suitable for pets. It is made from high-quality materials that are suitable for all weather conditions.

  • While some older artificial turf that was imported did have a backing that contained lead, domestically produced synthetic turf is free of lead and non-toxic to animals.
  • Choosing a pile within this range will most likely result in a yard that you will love, although you do need to weigh the pros and cons of longer versus shorter pile, depending on your use.
  • There are different attributes that define the quality of your artificial grass, and we ensure every cut of our fake grass is up to the highest quality standard.
  • The first step in choosing which type to use is to consider the main use of the area where the synthetic turf will be installed.

It can withstand high temperatures, excessive weight, and withstands wear and tear the best. However, it typically isn’t used in large applications due to its high cost and the fact that the pile made of this yarn type is incredibly stiff. The artificial yarns stay upright with the help of the natural-looking, curly yarn thatch layer. A mix of long and short fibers throughout the turf gives an overall appearance that mimics the natural look of healthy grass. SunVilla Realistic Grass is made of advanced UV-resistant yarns and polyethylene fabrics. It sports four tone patterns, which allows it to mimic the look of natural grass.

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That’s why lawn maintenance and upkeep is vital for any commercial property. The trouble is that most business owners are entirely too busy to focus on lawn maintenance, which is why choosing artificial grass for your commercial lawn is highly beneficial. All synthetic grass products from SGW are non-toxic, lead-free, and will drain at a rate of 30 inches of rain per hour per square yard. Drainage is also important during regular maintenance of your synthetic grass, which can be easily hosed to clear debris. If your artificial grass is not draining properly, you should contact a professional to investigate the problem or consult the manufacturer. Infill also helps keep the artificial turf as a whole in place where it was installed.

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As well as being used in your home and garden, this lawn can also be used at events – such as weddings or parties – for a unique and comfortable decoration. This artificial grass is suitable for landscape lawns, as well as smaller spaces, as it can be cut into various sizes based on your needs. It has a simple installation as it just needs to roll out and be placed in the right location.

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To make sure your landscaping project turns out great, look for grasses that offer nice vibrant colors and strong backing material. Always make sure the grass you’re buying has been professionally tested for lead content and permeability. Yes, if you’re wondering, all MegaGrass products are 100% lead and latex free, while also offering some of the best drainage systems out there.


She rushed the order through and send it to the Jacksonville Florida Warehouse where they loaded it on a truck that day and a couple of days later the t-cool and Phil arrived. I ended up getting the job installed in time and the lady my customer was very very happy. She said the party went off with a great success and everyone loved the turf. She handed out my business card to several different people and one of them already called and wanted an estimate for their yard. It’s very important to have a a manufacturer like Global Syn Turf in your corner to help you when you need to get quality product on time.

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Plus, this artificial grass is incredibly thick and sports a four-tone design with the intention of making it look real. We can’t stress this step enough to those looking to make the switch to artificial grass. With so many buying options out there, make sure to see examples of their grass post installation, product reviews, and most importantly, the specifications and testing done of their grass.

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