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9 Ways To Help A Shy, Panicked, Or Scared Lost Dog – pets blog

9 Ways To Help A Shy, Panicked, Or Scared Lost Dog

As the dog becomes accustomed to your presence, then you can advance a foot or two, never walking straight at the dog, always shuffling sideways with your hip facing the dog. The Action Zone is the area where the dog will react–either fight or flight . But this is the zone where animal control officers are typically able to use either a catchpole or a “snappy snare” device to loop around a dog’s neck and capture it. If, after all attempts at getting close to your panicked dog has failed, then you may need to resort to setting a large humane dog trap. In 2017, Kimberly and her husband adopted their Coonhound mix, Sally, from a local shelter.

Regardless of age, some pets will pace when anxious. Sudden or severe stress in their environment, most commonly related to storms or loud noises (like fireworks), can lead to pacing behavior. Pain or distress. Pets who experience pain (especially sudden pain), may engage in pacing behavior.

But time was going to be a critical factor, as a significant snowstorm was on the way. Blankets and mats were either being pulled out or ignored. If we put nothing on the floor she wouldn’t go in. So, we decided to build a “floor” on the trap out of snow.

Double Check All Gates And Doors

Their behavior can become unpredictable and even dangerous. Please take a moment this 4th of July to consider how your dog might be affected by the festivities, especially if you have a relatively new dog. Fireworks can cause him to shut down completely if he hasn’t settled into your family yet. Fireworks might be enjoyable for humans, but animals find them noisy and terrifying. The smell, sound, and bright flashing lights of fireworks can cause panic in pets.

The 9 best Ways to Keep Your Dog from Getting Lost

First and foremost make sure it is safe for you to do the following steps. If the dog’s body is on a roadway or in the ditch of a busy road, it is better to just make note of the location and contact the police or the local animal control agency. Don’t risk getting hurt or causing an accident.

Dont Let The Cat Outside Right Away

Dogs who were not afraid of fireworks in their younger years may become sensitive to loud noises as they age. If your dog is afraid of loud noises, it may be prudent to check ahead with the campgrounds where you will be staying so that you can make alternate plans if necessary. The owner may be on a time frame which requires him to leave the area before the dog is found. Our organization,Lost Dogs Illinois, has helped in the recovery of thousands of missing dogs from all types of situations. We are a network of pet-loving volunteers who have banded together to assist owners who are missing a pet. File a found dog report with all police departments, sheriff’s offices, town and county offices and other local authorities in the immediate area and neighboring communities.

  • Just because we love all our animals doesn’t mean all our animals are going to love each other.
  • Take your dog to your vet or the ASPCA to have it neutered.
  • By putting a collar on your dog you’ll have somewhere to print an address should your pet become lost.
  • Some dogs can only be trusted off leash if they are in a fenced area.
  • The best thing is that you do not also need network coverage to track them.

They both enjoy a little roughhousing, as long as it’s under control. We’ve played fetch on the stairs, using toys that make weird bounces like a Kong Wubba. Using the stairs for a game of fetch keeps the game contained while forcing your dog to run up and down — using more energy.

The daytime temps were above freezing, and the pond near the building had a circulation pump at one end that kept ice from forming, so breaking through the ice was a strong concern. The first action taken was to advise the residents to remove all sighting reports from Facebook, and stop sharing her location. On any given day, it was always something Huntley. The lows and the people and volunteers along the way willing up help in any small way. Most people have to go out of town every now and then—sometimes with very little notice beforehand. Make sure that you have someone to call when you do, whether it’s a reliable pet-sitting service or a generous friend.

Take advice from those of us that do recovery. Use social media and lost animal sites to aid you. Hugging huntley for the first time after him being safe only affirmed the why’s. Thank you to everyone that helped and assisted.


You can also track your dog while you’re on vacation, so you can stay stress-free all the time. Weenect is the perfect device for your dog if it tends to run around too much in the neighborhood. It not only increases their chance of being lost but also heightens your curiosity about their well-being and safety if it is not home on time.

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