9 Best Orthopedic Dog Beds

They tend to lay stretched out on floors or concrete to cool down. Memory foam holds a lot of heat so if your dog tends to get hot I would look at some of the cooling materials and/or put a floor fan on them. Without the right amount of weight to compress it, memory foam can feel hard. This bed has a 4 inch gel infused memory foam for good orthopedic support to help with cooling, especially for big dogs.

orthopedic dog beds

However, the low-density foam does not provide effective support because it compromises weight distribution. Memory foam, as its name indicates, conforms to your dog’s shape as he lies on it. When he leaves the bed, the material will gradually return to its original shape. The density of memory foam lets you provide more support with a thinner mattress.

Wave Fur & Velvet Cooling Gel Deluxe Chaise Dog & Cat Bed, Granite Gray, Jumbo

Suede cover has a zipper and non-slip bottom for comfort and safety. This bed is wonderful for crates, the size easily covering the entire space on the floor. Your pup doesnt have to lay on that cold floor anymore with this bed. The front of the bed dips down for easier access, with higher walls for the dog to lounge against comfortably.

  • This foam collapses easily and doesn’t support the body as well.
  • Sadly, vets describe how the bodies of big dogs contain a fatal flaw – their joints slowly deteriorate under their own weight and an ordinary, active lifestyle becomes impossible.
  • There is a mattress liner that the company promotes to be 100% waterproof (wash correctly as noted above.) This is a great feature for incontient or heavy drooling dogs.
  • Plus, the ergonomic design is also excellent for helping relieve pain associated with arthritis, hip dysplasia, and more.

For dogs who need extra joint support, such as those who suffer from hip dysplasia, the Laifug dog bed will provide the relief your dog needs. The four-inch dense memory foam mattress provides excellent support for dogs with joint issues. The micro-suede style cover can be easier to clean than some of the plush covers. The waterproof inner liner to protect the memory foam is important for long term cleanliness. The bed features bolsters on four sides that help provide the ultimate sense of security while also offering head and neck support. The durable memory foam-topped base relieves pressure points, and multiple sizes make this a win for small to large dogs.

White Green Back Vet Bed Dog Bedding Fleece Vetbed Ideal Puppies Whelping

Plus, having your dog sleep in one place makes cleaning easier for you. The materials – plush versus mesh, for instance – determine whether or not your pet will actually want to sleep there. In addition, take into account how your dog sleeps, both during the day and at night.

Orthopedic dog beds are the perfect option for older dogs with hip, joint, bone and mobility issues, as well as dog breeds that are susceptible to these issues as they age. Orthopedic dog beds feature super soft, pressure-reliving padded materials that are specialized for dogs with these issues. Many utilize a thick piece of memory foam to help relieve pressure. The memory foam dog beds are made of a very soft material that forms around your dog’s body contour, while still providing enough support. You’ll find a range of fabrics used on orthopedic beds as well. Everything from faux leather to fleece dog beds, and even polyester orthopedic dog beds.


You can never tell by the plain look at the foam bed whether it will become a “pancake” after a couple of months or will stay comfortable for years. The Big Barker company guarantees that this orthopedic foam bed will retain 90% of its shape for as long as 10 years without flattening. This term is stated in their product description thus you can be sure you’re buying a top-notch item.

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