8 Best Dog Raincoats

I also consulted a bichon frise and a large chocolate Lab on the jackets’ sizing options. If you live somewhere wet but not overly cold, this model will keep your dog dry without overheating. It comes in six sizes that fit dogs with chest girths from 13 to 42 inches. This dog raincoat has a double layer design with a zipper that makes this coat extremely effective at protecting against rain. If you’re sick of wet dog smell but you still want to get walks in during the rainy season, pick out the best dog raincoat for your pup from our list. The hood is adjustable, which is handy for dogs like mine who have enormous domes.

The DJANGO City Slicker is a canine rain jacket from Django, designed specifically with petite pooches in mind. It’s an especially great choice for long and low-to-the-ground breeds like Dachshunds. Most owners love the quality of the materials and craftsmanship of the Hurtta Torrent Coat and report that it performs admirably. Most owners find that it not only helps keep the rain from soaking their dog, but it also helps shield pups from heavy snow. These two words go hand in hand on this list, as all we want is a cozy dog.

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This is an easy one as most dog parkas have this available so no need to worry too much about it. Although the Summit Parka is excellent in freezing temperatures, its warmth may be overkill above 40 °F or so. The Sun Shower’s buckles are easy for a human to attach and remove, but a dog can’t get to them. WeatherBeeta is a wholesale distributor, so if you buy a jacket that has a defect, you’ll need to contact your retailer for exchanges or refunds.

  • Or you could opt for the Cloud Chaser model, which is both waterproof and insulated.
  • Available in a range of adorable designs, this dog raincoat is waterproof and reflective.
  • I also consulted a bichon frise and a large chocolate Lab on the jackets’ sizing options.
  • The tutorial says this is a super easy beginner project Itis important to make the coat a good fit for it to do its job of keeping that fur nice and warm.

A belly loop and a chest loop both close with Velcro, making it easy to adjust the sizing and put on and take off. I have one of these for my dogs and it’s my preferred choice for weather, though I tend to use it more in the colder months. The material itself is laminated with a waterproof membrane, which includes reflective designs. If you’ve tried other jackets and the fit wasn’t quite right, this might be the option for you. While other raincoats only cover a portion of a dog’s body, this waterproof jumpsuit will keep your dog’s entire body dry and warm.

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In bad weather, a dog owner may be tempted to keep a dog inside more often, but Fratt told us that missing regular walks and play sessions could stress out a dog. Fratt emphasized that if the ground is cold or salty, you should pair your dog jacket with dog boots. A dog coat or jacket should fit snugly without being too tight or too loose. A good rule of thumb is that the garment should allow enough room for two fingers to fit underneath. Your dog should also be able to move freely and without tripping over any parts of the coat or jacket. A full coverage jacket should extend from the base of the collar to the tail, with either full or partial coverage of the belly.

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