7 Eco Friendly Dog Toys That Aren’t Ruff On The Planet

Our precious pup might not always give that rope back when playing fetch, but we’re happy to see that many brands are giving back to their local communities. Aside from consciously choosing materials, there weren’t too many additional efforts to be sustainable . However, we were happy to see that some brands offset their carbon emissions and have a recycling program for old toys. As a healthier alternative to tennis balls (which are treated with fungicide – beware), they also sell natural wool dog balls that are durable and washable, as well as compostable in the end. Made with organic, environmentally-friendly bamboo, it comes in several different styles and makes use of bamboo’s natural breathability and odor resistance. Just be sure to remove the squeaker before composting if it gets destroyed.

  • We know that many of our customers also have pets they hold dear to their hearts and it’s for them that we carry only the highest quality chew toys, natural pet shampoos and durable leash sets.
  • You can rest easy knowing your dog’s favorite new toy was made using sustainable materials and eco-friendly practices.
  • Ruff Dawg products like chew toys are also made with FDA-approved inert recyclable thermoplastic polymer and flavored with natural flavors.

This includes the age of your dog, size of the dog, whether you’re using the toy for outdoor or indoor play, and play style. Jerry the Giraffe is a dog rope toy made with cotton dyed with vegetable-based dyes. The cotton isn’t organic, sadly, but the company claims it is chemical-free and non-toxic, in addition to being machine washable. As such, I’d wash this toy before giving it to your pup for the first time, just in case there are traces of pesticides or herbicides associated with conventional cotton farming.

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In certain environments, plastic bottles can take over 400 years to decompose. You can find reusable and sustainable bottles at almost any store. Even a hard plastic reusable bottle is better than accumulating thousands of single-use water bottles over the course of a year. Plastic poo bags, for instance, can take decades to decompose completely. Leather collars and leashes are often treated with toxic tanning agents that pollute the environment. The good news is there are tons of earth-friendly pet product lines cropping up in stores.

The best Organic, Eco-Friendly, and Sustainable Dog Toys

P.L.A.Y Pet Lifestyle provides safe, eco-friendly dog toys using AZO-free dyes. West Paw features FDA-compliant plastic compounds in all their dog toys, which are also are recyclable. Recently, many nations have lifted bans on growing this versatile plant and that’s good news for eco-conscious pet owners! That’s because hemp is a biodegradable, sustainable resource that’s easily made into durable products such as dog toys and accessories.

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So, take your dog outside a couple of times a week and give him a good brushing to knock off as much hair as you can before it winds up on your floors and furniture. Given that many retail establishments are becoming more and more dog friendly, you may want to consider walking with your dog when running errands. Not only will your dog love the chance to get out and about more, it’ll help reduce the amount of gas you use, thereby reducing your carbon footprint. You won’t be able to do this all the time, but you’ll be surprised how many quick car trips you can avoid if you try.

So, he tried to replicate the part and, voila, the Classic KONG was born. Founder Joe Markham had a deep love for his furry friend Fritz, but wasn’t a fan of his destructive ways. When Fritz turned to destroying sticks and rocks, Joe wanted to find something that was better for him and his teeth. For those that want to give their doggos toys in the form of time-consuming treats, they sell wild Grade-A elk antlers. Rest assured, these antlers have been naturally shed and no elk are harmed in the obtaining of them. Wagging Green Pet Shop is obviously committed to being “green” so they have a recycling program where old collars and leashes can be sent to Wagging Green to be recycled / reused.

Obviously, you won’t single-handedly save the planet by purchasing eco-friendly toys for your pet. These toys are primarily made from eco-friendly hemp fibers, although they do have a bit of plush fabric as well, to help keep your dog’s interest and provide different textures. Fortunately, there are a number of organic, eco-friendly and sustainable toys on the market, and several of them are pretty popular with pups too. We hope this guide inspires you to take action to be more eco-conscious in your pet parenting. Transitions are never easy, but a few small changes here and there can make a big difference for Mother Earth. You should also consider switching your pup’s toothbrush for a non-plastic version.

The production of eco-friendly products is important to help protect the environment. Manufacturers of green and eco-friendly products are focused on the planet, on energy efficiency, sustainable packaging, and more. This is in comparison to regular dog toys which can be made of plastics , synthetic rubber, nylon, fire retardants, heavy metals, and toxic glues. The rope is made from 100 percent cotton, while the non-toxic rubber is made from sustainably-sourced rice husks. This one’s made from all-natural rice husk rubber and is non-toxic.

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