7 Best Limited Ingredient Dog Foods

This is easy with a small dog but tricky if you have a great Dane! Vet’s scales will be accurate and larger than home scales, and they will usually be happy to weigh your dog for you without charging you for it. Larger 11lb and 24lb bag sizes are available when you’re ready to commit to a bigger purchase once your dog is happy. Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. These cookies help provide information on metrics the number of visitors, bounce rate, traffic source, etc. Reviews of the best commercial pet grooming products to keep your pooch looking fresh.

limited ingredient dog food

There are no set regulations for how many ingredients are in a limited ingredient dog food. If you are looking for a dog food with limited ingredients, you should still always check the ingredient label to see what’s in it. There can be surprising “hidden” ingredients in these diets that are potential problems for dogs with food allergies. Limited ingredient dog food is formulated to reduce the number of ingredients that your dog is exposed to within their diet.

What Limited Ingredient Dog Food Really Is And When You May Need It

Since they skirt the major allergens such as soy and wheat, I still believe that Blue Buffalo is one of the best you can look at. Downside with Blue Buffalo is that they can to contain a lot of carbohydrates. So you will see oatmeal, rice, and pea starch all listed as carbohydrates in this formula . When it comes to catering to dogs with a sensitive stomach, Nature’s Variety really sets the bar quite high. Probably the neatest thing is that they also freeze dried a special coating on the outside of the kibbles make it even more tasty to your pet.

  • It uses human grade ingredients and provides dogs with allergen-free foods that store easily and come in easy to understand portion sizes.
  • The first thing that you need to do is watch for symptoms of food allergies or intolerance in your dog.
  • Sweet potato often features in dog food with limited ingredient lists, and that is the case here too.
  • Because I’ve seen what some of them did to dogs under my care.

Per articles released by the FDA, they are currently investigating the connection between DCM and ‘grain-free’ dog food, which contains high levels of peas, lentils, and legumes. The link between peas and illnesses mentioned earlier isn’t definitive. Researchers suggest that because it’s hard to find foods that don’t contain one of the suspect ingredients, you should avoid foods with peas or legumes in the first three ingredients. That may be enough for your dog to get the right amount of animal-based proteins for a complete diet.

Limited Ingredient Diets® Crunchy Biscuits Turkey Formula

Peas and legumes are often an alternative source for both of these, providing dogs with an energy alternative to wheat or barley that complement the protein in the food. Peas also provides a source of soluble fiber for dogs, keeping their digestive system moving and healthy. This mixture was manufactured in facilities located in the USA, without any corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors or flavors.

My dogs Love this food, love the flavor options, love the ingredients, and this has been the best option I have for my one kibble fed dog. You guys do a great job and I’m nothing but impressed and satisfied by all of your products. Fillers, often used to bulk out dog food of all flavors and types, can also lead to digestive and skin issues in certain dogs. The good news is all limited ingredient foods are going to be of excellent quality. That means you can be sure you are getting the same thing from one bag to the next. If your dog tries a limited ingredient food and likes it, you can be confident in buying it in future too.

Canidae Grain Free Limited Ingredient Dog Food

However there are many brands that label their foods as limited ingredients but have as many ingredients as any other standard dog food. So when you are shopping for a limited ingredient food the best thing to do is go with whatever brand your veterinarian recommends. Salmon is the only animal protein here, while chickpeas and sweet potatoes make up the most of the carbohydrate content. This limited ingredient puppy food also contains patented probiotic GanedenBC30, which improves digestive and immune health of sensitive dogs.

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