5 Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

The IONFlex 2X version includes 2 batteries, enabling up to 80 minutes of run time when used back to back. If you want a more high-end Shark upright, get the Shark APEX DuoClean. I wouln’t say it’s better than the Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2, but it’s still a very close 2nd as far as high-end upright vacuums goes. If you prefer the more traditional feel of an upright we’ve got you covered with a solid vacuum pick below.

It’s slim, sleek, and, most importantly, sucks, but in a good way. It tackles carpet, hardwood, and pet hair superbly, plus it’s quiet, as far as vacuums go. Yes, it’s expensive, for a stick vac, but it is one of the better ones on the market.

This vacuum is small, but still has an overall cleaning score of 98%. Handheld vacuums are smaller and more compact compared to most other vacuum styles, but smaller size doesn’t always mean diminished performance. Handheld vacuums may be corded or cordless and there are advantages and disadvantages to each. Using the wand on both the Shark Navigator and Rotator you can reach hard to reach spots both above and below you. Without memory mapping, advanced sensors / cameras, or navigational beacons, less expensive robot vacuums are more prone to getting stuck and needing your help.

Cant Decide What Vacuum To Buy?

One of its few weaknesses is that, despite all the tools and maneuverability, it doesn’t do stairs very well. On the upside, you’ll be able to pick up all the hair the dog shed on the carpet, cat hair on the cushions and crumbs spilled on the kitchen floor. When dog hair is not removed regularly it tends to be tracked around to other parts of the home. The search for a reliable vacuum for pet hair is something that many people tend to take quite seriously.

It features a HEPA filter to capture all those microscopic particles, as well as an infrared dirt sensor that detects dust and dirt you might not be able to see. The Kenmore Elite comes with three attachments and a telescoping wand. However, this model is on the heavier side, weighing in at 20 pounds. If not, you can make do with a pet hair vacuum with lower suction levels – or maybe even a regular vacuum cleaner.


When you live with cats and dogs, cleaning your home requires a vacuum cleaner that’s up to the challenge of sucking up pet hair. LED lighting on the front of this best vacuum for dog hair lights up darker nooks, and a sliding suction adjustment button provides for varied floor surfaces. The Dibea 600W lightweight corded design is a 2 in 1 bagless model designed for hard floors. A 16 ft power cord provides considerable reach for a handheld machine, and multi-layer filtration cleans debris from your floors as well as particles from the air.

12 best Vacuums to Help You Deal with Dog Hair

The Clean Obsessed Commercial Grade Pet Vacuum is pretty easy to get up an running. All you have to do is unbox it, and you are up and running in minutes. The Vacuum is super powerful, with a ton of suction and we really like it. Well, like all Dyson machines, the V8 Animal is no small investment. It also features a disappointingly small dustbin capacity that may frustrate those with multiple pets or large homes. Considering all of this vacuum’s finer points, we’re willing to overlook these flaws.

Perhaps this vacuum’s most remarkable feature is its proprietary “Cinetic science”. This function eliminates the need a filter while still collecting microscopic allergens with the efficiency of a typical HEPA filter. All captured debris is forced out of the dustbin when you press the release button, too, so there’s no need to touch the dirt. Widely considered one of the best canister vacuums around for those without pets, the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball still has plenty to offer pet parents.

  • Pet owners who share their homes with long-haired animals know how difficult it is to uproot this fur from carpets.
  • The DuoClean Brush roll has always been a significant advantage for effortless cleaning.
  • It’s no secret that pets bring a lot of hair, dander, and dirt into your home.
  • Among its outstanding features to perform the good job include foam sleeves and washable pleated filter made to collect the finest of dirt and debris that your old vacuum cleaner may not handle.

AW is the best measure of all, representing the amount of power a vacuum actually uses to pull dirt through the nozzle. A big number matters even more when a vacuum has a HEPA filter, because it requires extra suction to pull dirt through a filter with tiny openings. Click the photo to check the Price on Amazon.This Hoover model beat out the Shark for the longest name but came in behind the Shark in our pet vacuum rankings. That’s because it’s a little more cumbersome to operate, and because it does better with carpeted floors and upholstery than on hardwood.

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