5 Best Interactive Dog Toys To Keep Dogs Entertained When Home Alone

This toy will satisfy your Corgi’s natural urge to chew, saving your sneakers and shoelaces from destruction. It is tough to break, which is ideal considering that this is commonly used for tug-of-war toys. Rope consists of lots of fibers that can be good for dental hygiene. You’ll want to be careful with rope toys though, as Corgis are chewers. Rope toys have a tendency to get swallowed and can be fatal for dogs if too much gets ingested. These moving dog toys are puzzles that challenge your dog to employ strategy and creativity in exchange for desired rewards.

best Dog Ball Launchers: Keeping Your Buddy Busy!

You can even put the setting on random to keep your dog guessing where the ball will end up. Like I have mentioned before, dogs love playing tug of war, but sometimes we aren’t available to play tug of war with our dogs. A rope toy is one of the best toys for teething puppies and dogs of all sizes and breeds. It can reduce anxiety, prevent boredom, increases exercise and helps with teeth cleaning. They are toys that will help keep your dog active physically and mentally.

Best Dog Toy For Active Airedales!

It’s true that for most of us, those sad puppy dog eyes can work a guilty conscious on you. However, since most of us can’t take our doggies to work every day, there are a few things you can do to keep your pup happy and occupied. Interactive dog toys are great for keeping your pup busy while you’re away. There isn’t a single dog toy in the world that is completely indestructible. Dog toys are meant to be played with, and hopefully for hours on end.

  • It has flexible prongs that can be adjusted to make the flow of treats plentiful or few and far between.
  • One of the best toys to keep dogs busy is the PetSafe Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug.
  • When you pull back the firing arm, you can choose totally different firing energy based on how far you pull again which is nice for indoor use.
  • Automatic launchers also come with programs which vary the direction and angle.
  • This durable rubber ball can be stuffed with treats for non-stop entertainment, and its ridges help clean a Lab’s teeth.

The Airedale Terrier has a chasing instinct that makes him the perfect candidate to enjoy ball games. In their teething process, Airedales are well-known to be aggressive chewers. Thus, they will need something to soothe their painful gums, satisfy their chewing instincts, and distract them during this difficult period. Chewing dog toys are the ideal solution for puppies in this early development phase. But there are still plenty of other products that this breed would love to play with.

Zippypaws Hide & Seek Plush Toy

While perhaps not suitable for the more destructive or aggressive-play dog, this Doggie Tail dog toy is a cute idea that will entertain smaller or more laid-back pups. Thus we recommend that you take different factors such as height and age into consideration before you choose the best dog toys out there. Make sure that all the toys that you use are hygienic, especially the interactive toys as most of the time these have treats involved in them. The best dog toys will ensure that it contains nothing that will be hazardous to your dog’s health. Let us now take a closer look at the features that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the best dog toys that are out there. Go that extra mile and purchase some of the best dog toys that are available in the market to show your dog the immense amount of love that you possess for him.

Whether you’re using an automatic or hand-held launcher, you’ll find that either of these toys will provide plenty of mental stimulation for your four-footer. Ball launchers — both automatic and hand-held varieties — are great for keeping your canine busy and having a good time in the process! We’ll explain some of the reasons these toys are so fantastic and identify a few of our favorites below.

The KONG Classic is a great ‘entry level’ dog puzzle toy for a pup who has never had the chance to play with one before. It’s simple, rounded shape makes it easy for pups of all sizes to handle and its ease of use means pet parents don’t have to get too puzzled figuring it out either. Your pup almost certainly loves it when you have the time to play with him, and the right toys can make that playtime more fun for you both!

What’s more entertaining than watching your pooch chase after a ball he “threw” himself? Automatic launchers are also a great option for pooch parents with arthritis or other health challenges that prevent them from tossing a ball around. When shopping for a blind dog, look for toys that will somehow appeal to a sense other than eyesight, and you can’t go wrong. Blind dogs come to rely almost entirely on sound, so the best thing you can do is to provide toys that make noise either on their own or when played with.

Interactive dog toys are a great way to keep your dog mentally stimulated and to ensure they aren’t bored. With so many different toys out there on the market today, you have such a choice, including shapes, sizes and different materials. Whether you want a toy that dispenses treats, a toy where your dog has to solve a puzzle, or a squeaky chew toy, there will be one out there that meets both you and your dog’s criteria. Remember to always ensure the toy is safe before purchasing and check the size of the toy against your dog’s mouth to make sure it can’t cause your canine friend any harm. This interactive ball is designed to both limit the number of treats given to your dog during play time, while also slowing down how quickly they eat the treats or their kibble.

All you have to do is plug it in, choose your launching distance, and then drop in a tennis ball. Automatic ball launcher is designed specifically for medium to large sized dogs. Balls have an extra thick rubber core and are designed in high-visibility colors to prevent you from losing them. Multiple sizes allow you to choose the best for your dog’s mouth shape and a launcher, should you use one for games at the park. The exciting feature of the LumoLeaf interactive toy is that the treats outlet size can be adjustable for different levels of difficulty.

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