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5 Best Dog Food Toppers For Tastier Meals – pets blog

5 Best Dog Food Toppers For Tastier Meals

Our suppliers must certify they meet the strictest standards for food safety and health as well as sustainability and fair-trade practices. PetListed is the destination for the best pet product reviews, guides, and tips. Observe your pup carefully as they make the transition to their new freeze-dried diet. If your dog starts to experience issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, or excessive gas, stop their new diet and contact your vet right away.

best Dog Food Toppers for Tasty Add-Ons!

These tasty, chicken-flavored soft chews can help firm up loose stools and relieve symptoms of gas, constipation, and bloating. Key ingredients include digestive enzymes, probiotics, and oat flour and flaxseed for a fiber boost. Many pet parents buy bags of baby carrots to feed as treats. Like apples, they’re low in calories, which is perfect for pups who’d benefit from a bit of weight loss and are high in fiber to keep your pup fuller longer. If your dog likes green lettuce, then it can be a good source of fiber—even if its high water content doesn’t provide a lot of additional nutrients.

Easy Dog Food Recipes

Kibble isn’t exactly natural to dogs but feeding dogs wet food exclusively can be more expensive. Mixing the two is a great way to give your dog what they want and still go easy on the budget. If water and broth aren’t enough to get your dog to start eating its dry food, another simple and affordable solution is mixing in canned dog food or stews.

  • Or if you have a sick dog or a lactating bitch, a topper full with flavors and vitamins will make it more eager to have food and therefore improve its overall health.
  • The former comes refrigerated without preservatives and the latter is flash-frozen without preservatives and then gently freeze-dried.
  • There are about 20 nutritious and delicious servings for an 11lbs dog in each 16oz bag.
  • On the other hand, you can use food toppers as occasional treats , this way you’ll be changing your dog’s menu once in a while without making much of a dent in your pocket.

The answer is simple because dogs have fewer taste buds in their mouths than humans! They are not hoping for the varied textures and unexpected flavor combinations humans enjoy. Sneaking the dog treats or food scraps is not doing your dog any favors. Tell your dog in a sing song voice what a good girl or boy s/he is. You can decrease your dog’s meal serving by ¼ cup per day for weight loss. Alternatively- you can calculate kcals for your dog for a more exact serving suggestion.


Canola oil is rich in oleic acid and low in saturated fats, it’s beneficial for heart disease. Quinoa – quinoa is one of the most hypoallergenic grains out of all the rice family. Use our interactive Food Source Map to find out where our ingredients come from. Just rollover a region of the world to see what foods come from which places. Refunds are for actual purchase price only and do not include original shipping costs. Our time-honored and original technique for preserving the quality of our food.

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