5 Best Dog Clippers For Thick Hairbuying Guide 2021

The right dog clippers will be easy to use, comfortable for you and your dog, and reliable. Reviews are an important way to find out if other people have found the product to fit their needs. We have gone through all the top products and done that work for you.

Wahl also offers a budget dog clipper for thick dog fur. With an old-school design, the Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro is a cheap option. Designed specifically for thick fur, quite impressive performance. Check this out if you just want a basic clipper that will do its job effectively. That is the difference between a high-grade and a low-grade clipper.

#4 Wahl Professional Animal Arco Cordless Clipper

Or, if your vet also offers grooming services, ask them for the contact information for the blade sharpening service they use. If you are new to grooming your dog at home, check over this list to be sure you will have everything you need to get started once your clippers arrive. If budget is a top priority, the Andis AGC is a back to basics kind of product that is an excellent starter option. It still gives you the benefit of going with a trusted name, without asking you to pay for extra features. These clippers come in at 12.8 ounces, which is even lighter than the slightly less expensive AGC2 model featured as our top pick.

dog clippers for thick coats

With that in mind, you should always try to give your dog a bath before clipping. Use warm water and a gentle shampoo and work the shampoo right into the dog’s hair before you rinse it off. When you’re done, let your dog shake it off if they prefer, then pat them dry. Make sure they’re completely dried off before you start clipping, including a blow-dry if you deem it necessary.

Oster A5 Two Speed Animal Grooming Clipper With Detachable Cryogen

Use aShampoothat’s right for the colour and skin type of your dog. The tummy, ears and between the legs can be very sensitive and will tangle easily so ensure that these areas are brushed through carefully every day. Be gentle when grooming this area as knots can be painful for the animal. The soft, tight curls which are typical of these breeds feature a top coat and a very dense undercoat, which need daily brushing with a slicker. You can work from the tail to head or the head to tail, as long as you ensure you brush all the hair, not just the top coat. It also ships with a durable carry case and weighs in at only 430 grams.

  • Your dog’s vet or trainer can also refer you to a good groomer.
  • Marie Lin is a Licensed Pet Groomer and the Owner of Marie’s Pet Grooming, a grooming salon based in New York City.
  • The plastic driver feature attached to the blades will require replacement frequently.
  • This is a professional heavy duty dog clipper, which is suitable for any coat type or dog breed.

It includes size 10 blades that don’t rust and provides a professional cutting performance. The blades offer versatility by being detachable and easy to clean. This product is compatible with all UltraEdge, CeramicEdge and ShowEdge blades. In most cases a cordless trimmer is not the right choice for a canine with thick hair. However, lithium ion battery technology has made it possible to support this 5,500 SPM motor for up to 90 minutes of run time.

Best Brush For Curly Hair Dogs

The Bravura provides a versatile grooming experience with a blade that adjusts to cut five different lengths. It also operates for 90 minutes per charge, or while it’s plugged into the wall. The Oster Turbo A5 Clipper is a best bet for dogs with extra thick coats. These corded clippers are made with a heavy-duty motor and a wide blade sweep that can plow through the thickest of fur. The clipper is made in the USA from Oster, a reputable brand in pet grooming, and includes a “cryogenically treated” steel blade for extra strong performance.

It comes with adjustable blades and comfortable combs for cutting thick hair. It performs calm and quiet operations with the powerful rotary motor. It deals perfectly with knotted and tangling hair without harming the skin of the dogs. Furthermore, it consists of detachable blades that are easy to remove for cleaning and easily manageable. The Andis AGC2 Dog Clipper is a top choice for those looking for a mid-priced groomer that packs professional power. While this clipper doesn’t have the bells and whistles of flashier models, the AGC2 is a workhorse that can cut through the fur of any dog breed.

It glides quickly and coolly through thick coats of hair. Who has the time or the money to visit an expensive groomer? When you arrive with your dog’s thick coat matted and tangled, the professionals always make sure to add on a few more dollars to the cost. Address any problem areas before you start trying to trim head to tail. Be very careful under mats since they can sometimes be attached to the tender skin underneath and may be very painful for your dog.

Wahl Bravura Lithium Ion Cordless Dog Clipper

The case itself is made from shatterproof plastic, so it’s not coming apart anytime soon. Along with making your dog’s coat look beautiful, regular grooming sessions offer benefits for both you and your pup. Work your way throughout the body, focusing on small sections until you’re able to reach a consistent desired length. Be gentle, and make sure not to apply too much pressure which can scratch or cut their skin. Read the instructions and user manual for your clippers; take notice of its functions and blade speed. Now that is impressive although also included in the kit are 4 combs so this clipper truly does cater for any length of finish you could possibly want.

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