44 Really Cool Homemade Diy Dog Toys Your Dog Will Love

With larger pups it can be a bit difficult to find a toy that allows them to pull with all of their strength and stand the test of time. Toys like “Drop the Mic” and “Horseshoed Horace The Crab” give your pup something to fit comfortably in their mouths and a stronger rope than the average Tug Toy. As well as being more fun to play with, it features non-abrasive felt designed to be gentle on your pup’s teeth, unlike a standard tennis ball that can be rougher. Such toys can even help modify behaviour, including destruction and separation anxiety, since the mental stimulation from the game provides an excellent distraction for your dog. The bear is available in a range of sizes, so you can match it perfectly to the size of your dog.

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As they roll the ball around, they work to release the kibble pieces. We love this dog toy because it can be used to slow down mealtimes but it also incorporates activity into interactive play. The best mental exercise for the dog is play with the owner, but that’s not always possible.

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We chose the chicken bucket because it’s bright and colorful, but also the drumsticks are a great shape for some tug of war action with your pooch (it comes with three!). Dogs love chewing on anything reminiscent of meat and their fun squeaky sounds will stimulate your pup’s animal instincts. These toys come in many different shapes and sizes, some as fun for the owners as they are for the dogs.

Although several users say that this ball is not made for small dogs as some have had their jaws and teeth wedged into the opening. All you have to do is control the Furbo from your phone and you can 2-way chat as well as throw treats for your pup while you’re still out at the office. This is an expensive interactive toy option but if you’re a clingy pet parent or if you have a “Velcro” pup then the price is worth it for peace of mind.

Fetch Toys!

Remember, every dog loves a treat and they love it even more when they have worked for it. In between intense thought, your pooch might decide to gnaw on the edge of the toy just to relieve mental pressure as he figures out this puzzle. And because it is built from tough plastic, it can withstand his bites. Overall, this toy is a must-have for intelligent dogs and owners who love solving a good puzzle. It’s no secret dogs love a good game of tug-of-war, and large pups are no exception.

  • Useful for all dogs irrespective of age, but only as a starter puzzle.
  • Any dog owner who understands just a bit of dog psychology will not hesitate to buy a dog toy for their furry buddy.
  • There are various levels that interactive dog toys are loosely categorized under – level one, level two and level three.
  • It’s detailed with rubber feet so it won’t slip and slide as your pup nudges it with his paw or nose.

Many dog treat puzzles come in shape of balls, but few of them are as popular and practical as the interactive dog ball by FurryFido. The rubber used in the toy is both durable and safe to chew; plus, it cleans your dog’s teeth and massages its gums. As the last choice on the list of best interactive dog toys is this not popular but interesting option. This lightweight, washable brain toy for dogs is made from non-toxic rubber material and it features very small holes all around it. Not really large enough for treats but pretty well sized for small kibble, this barbell-shaped toy offers a squeak, flexible tooth-friendly material, and brain stimulation. This treat “puzzle” isn’t so much of a brain-teaser as it is a method of slowing down your fast-eating pups yet it also serves all the benefits of the best interactive dog toys.

Hide A Squirrel Interactive Puzzle Plush Dog Toy

With so many squeakers to find , that it should keep even the strongest dogs occupied for quite some time. The manufacturer claims that the squeakers should continue to squeak, even if punctured. Again, we think that this will depend on how destructive your dog is, but it’s good news for those whose dogs aren’t into wanton vandalism. You’re able to change the difficulty level and it’s also machine washable for the messy eaters. The Skymee requires no batteries, charges via USB, and will last for 2 hours of interactive play. This design is heart and bears, but the company designs a good deal of different fun, hide, and seek toys.

The Kong Wobbler is similar to the Kong Classic, except that — you guessed it — it wobbles. Hartstein says it’s one of his favorite toys for the pups in his care. And don’t worry, the Wobbler unscrews for easy cleaning and filling. You will be able to train your dog’s sense of smell and natural instincts. Your dog will look for the treats in the Mat and when he finds it he can get his reward for his hard work. VARRAM can dispense treats from time to time to make your dog active all day.

If you have a medium to large size dog, then this interactive toy will save you time and a lot of aching muscles. All you need to do is throw the bungee rope over a tree bough , loop through it, and pull it tight. Then attach the rope with the ball toy and you’re ready to go, I mean your pooch is. Like humans, dogs need activity to keep their bodies healthy and their brains sharp.

Great for hiding snacks or for just “investigating”, each Hatchable toy turns inside out from an egg to a hatched creature. There are more designs to choose from, but we’re quite partial to the turtle and the butterfly. The concept of a honeycomb comes to mind when you see this toy. It’s great for playing a game of fetch in the park or in the backyard.

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