35 Best Dog Costumes For Halloween 2021

You can pick this costume up in sizes small to 3XL for dogs with a neck measuring anywhere from 10” to 25”. We like that this costume is unusual, but we also like that it doesn’t look to be too constricting either. Check out this Where’s Waldo costume complete with glasses, a hat, and a long sleeved shirt featuring a faux medal necklace.

This velvet shark costume does just that in a hilarious way. And best of all, this will fit most dogs since the size range goes from small to triple extra-large while keeping them nice, cozy and shark like. Calling fans of Wonder Woman, your pup can also harness her superpowers by proudly wearing this adorable metallic getup. Chihuahua’s to Springer Spaniel’s can don this headpiece and printed costume dress, showing all that size doesn’t matter when it comes to being awesome. This top-quality Halloween dress is made of 100% polyester and can be used on the occasion of Halloween, Christmas, theme parties, photoshoots, parades, and many more places. This costume on your dog will look like he is carrying a pumpkin with the help of another person.

Diy Taco Costume

This UPS costume is sure to bring a smile to his face and one of the more creative best dog Halloween costumes on here. This front leg only costume features two false arms holding a UPS package and it even comes with a matching UPS hat! You can grab this Velcro fastened costume in sizes x-small through large and it is recommended for dogs with a neck circumference of 10” to 20” around. A few other things to consider is your dog’s visibility – don’t put anything over his or her eyes, or close to them.

best dog halloween costumes

Especially, if you have a black, brown, or chocolate-colored dog, this scary Halloween Dog costume will suit him a lot. As long as we’re considering superhero costumes for dogs, let’s give the DC Universe a little love! This costume accommodates even the largest of dogs with a colorful chest piece and Velcro-attached cape.

Animal Planet Pet20105 Stegosaurus Dog Costume

This Nightmare on Elm Street-style costume is equally terrifying and cute. If you’re a fan of old horror films, it’s a must for your pup this Halloween. Your dog will be ready to fly across the full moon on Halloween night in these beautiful black wings.

  • A garden gnome, cheery flower, and buzzing bee make up the elements of this very cute costume.
  • You can pick up this Han Solo set in sizes small through x-large and it will fit dogs with a neck circumference of 12” to 20” around.
  • This Halloween apparel comes with a wig, a step-in shirt with attached arms as well as the signature red balloon that is sure to spook everyone who sees Penny walking around.
  • Carry around a foam core surfboard and dress your dog up as a great white shark to emulate this hilarious duo.

Before you pick up one of these Halloween costumes for dogs, familiarize yourself with safety rules when it comes to dressing up your pup. Measure your dog correctly and make sure he or she is comfortable in their clothes. Some of the below mentioned best dog Halloween costumes may be more stressful and constraining on your dog than others. If the dog isn’t comfortable, this will quickly cause him stress and anxiety. This state-of-the-art dog costume is officially licensed by Star Wars series. From small size to XXXL, this creative Halloween costume is available for almost all the dog sizes.

Gaboss Lion Mane Costume Wig For Dog

Halloween is the perfect time to show off your dog’s adorable looks, and many dog owners choose to dress their dog up for the holiday. Whether you’re looking for a funny costume for your Labrador Retrieveror a scary costume for your Chihuahua— read on for the best dog Halloween costumes for canines of any size. For those of us who love Halloween, choosing the perfect costume is the second-best part of the holiday – after the candy, of course!

You can turn your canine Clark Kent into a slobbery Superman any time of year. Notice how these dogs are a perfect match for the costumes they are wearing. Darth Vader dog is black, which makes for a wonderful Star Wars villain. A Bulldog dressed as an Ewok is sure to melt even the most discriminating contest judge’s heart. Look into television show characters, The Cat in the Hat is a classic especially with the beloved books stacked up in the hot. Notice how the backgrounds complement most of these images.

In fact, avoid anything they might be able to grab in their mouths, as it just means they will destroy their costume. It is OK for dogs to wear clothes some of the time, like on Halloween. The problem is that dogs can easily overheat, so keep an eye out for the early signs of this, such as panting. Remember that your dog should be supervised at all times in their costume. This is not “normal” for them, so they are likely to get themselves into trouble if left to their own devices. So when choosing the right costume for your dog, consider these factors.

It comes in six sizes from X-Small to XX-Large, so there is an option for every dog . It has a slip-on-and-off style that goes over the head and the front legs, which is easy to apply if your dog doesn’t mind. It also has stretchable ribbing in the belly to give your dog plenty of room to move. It seems like everyone we know has a “my pet got into the trash” story. While your dog may look a little intimidating from a distance – especially if they are on the larger side – up close, they look great, according to reviewers .

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