260 Dog Kennel Ideas In 2021

It should allow easy access for Mom to come back and forth from toilet breaks and accommodate for her low mammary glands. As we mentioned the box is usually around 4ft x 4ft with a height of around 2 feet – this is so puppies can’t escape. Give us a call and we’ll help you design a custom box to suit your needs. Check out the gallery for more images of our custom boxes. You will love the strength, durability and quality of this box. Alternatively, you can have a door with an adjustable height.

I’m finding it necessary to send you our sincere praises for your consistent quality and functionality of not only one, but now four, EZwhelp whelping pens. As a dog breeder of nearly 20 years, the whelping pen is the most important part of any kennel. Keeping your puppies, and mom, separate and safe is most important in any breeding program. The set up and breakdown along with ease of storage just about anywhere makes these pens incomparable. We have washed and washed the same blankets and padding for over 5 years now and every time out of the dryer they come out looking as new as the first day.

Can I Buy A Complete Whelping Box On Amazon?

Website and photo-blog about the life of Yatzie and Moët, authentic Barbets from Sweden living in Holland. Breeding of allergy friendly puppies, allergie vriendelijke pups, in small scale. It has a 10-year guarantee but will likely last until the sun burns out. This box is thick black HIGH DENSITY HDPE plastic and solid white VINYL, held together with STEEL BOLTS.

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There are a number of cheap and homemade whelping box ideas that will work for dogs of all sizes. You can improvise to create cheap whelping boxes without too much trouble. Just spend some time looking at whelping boxes so you know how they are made. This is a HIGH QUALITY unbelievably durable box for the serious breeder. It won’t bend, shake, lift or breakdown and is held together withcarriage bolts. The framework is so sturdy you can lean on it and even sit on the wall panels.It is made of a Heavy Duty Plastic frame and FRP Plastic panels .

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Well, a whelping box is a box before being anything else, and a box is pretty straightforward and easy to build. Breeding Business made a video that includes the shopping list, the step-by-step building instructions along with videos showing the process. There are many written and filmed tutorials online as to how to create a DIY whelping box for your dog, where to get the materials and how to make it safe. Newspaper is a cheap and easily replaceable substitute until you can begin housetraining them.

  • On average, the mother dog gives birth to another puppy every 30 minutes or so.
  • In plastic boxes it is quite often plastic piping which has been laid on the floor .
  • The bottom of the box should have a layer of newspaper followed by a washable material such as a towel.
  • A single person can assemble this whelping box in 3 minutes – a kid can do it in 5!
  • You can do this by creating grooves out of molding for the side panels and then use eye hooks to hold each panel in place.
  • The video is very good to see the necessary parts of a whelping box.

With clearACRYLIC WALLS, Whelpmate™ allows you to see your dog and puppies at all stages during the whelping process. Supply heat such as a heat lamp that will keep the area 85 degrees with the first week, then bring the temperature down each week until 72 degrees in week 6. Have you built a whelping box before and do you have some advice to share with our readers?

Petlife Welpi 250g Whelping Box Dog Puppy Milk Formula Whelpi, Powder

You will want to use some sort of covering on the cardboard to keep it from getting wet and to make cleaning it easy. You could line it with duct tape, plastic sheeting, tarps or plastic drop cloths made for painting. Then cover whatever you use to cover the cardboard with newspaper or old towels.

The first way to determine the size of your dog’s ideal whelping box is to measure them as if you were looking for a crate. Your dog’s whelping box should be large enough to allow them to lay down comfortably, as well as extra wiggle room to allow them to stand up and switch positions easily. Though your pup will spend the majority of their time laying down with her puppies, she should be able to move freely if she would like. For example, if your dog requires a 40 inch crate, it’s best to offer a whelping box with inches on each side. It is a special box that is designed to stay clean, disinfected and is easy to setup and take down.

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