24 Products For Curly Hair

Take a break and allow the metal to cool down before proceeding. Overgrown nails will start curling under the paws and can cause pain while walking. If your puppy’s ears smell “yeasty,” contact the vet as Pooch might have an ear infection.

No, you should not bathe your dog if your dog has mats in their fur. If your pup already has mats, water will only make the problem worse. Mats can be painful to your Goldendoodle and you do not want to make the problem worse. As a dog parent, you need to do everything you can to prevent mats before they form. Then, I will grab the Metal rake I mentioned earlier and carefully work it through the mat. The rake has a sharp edge that will cut through the mats.

Typical Maltese Grooming Tasks

There is regular shedding that occurs, and with most double-coated breeds, there are periods of excessive shedding. These periods of excessive shedding usually occur when the seasons change in the spring and fall and are tied to the amount of daylight, not daytime temperature. Most double-coated breeds lose their lighter summer undercoat in the fall to allow a heavier winter undercoat to grow in.

The Four best Dog Detangler Sprays (and Three Kinds You Should Never Use)

There are a few factors that help you determine if a dog can be de-matted. Different coat types create different mats and can be de-matted easier than others. The tolerance of the dog for being de-matted will also affect the decision. Some owners don’t mind if their dogs are clipped short while others will want you to make every effort to shave a matted coat. Some owners are happy to pay for the extra time to de-matt a dog while others will choose to save money and have the dog clipped short. It’s inevitable, dogs with hair can and will become matted.

Before you learn how to cut a dog’s hair, you should first be able to bathe your pooch thoroughly. The pet bathing and grooming gloves by HandsOn are a great choice as they’re lightweight, non-abrasive, and come in several colors and sizes. Also, conditioners are helpful if you’re dealing with matted hair. Saturate the mat well in the conditioner, and then try to comb through it carefully. Never use human cleaning products on your dog as a puppy’s skin is more sensitive than ours. The human shampoo will irritate it and might even cause dangerous allergic reactions.

Q: Can I Spray This On My New Puppy?

My tools are a little old school but they do a great job! There are more modern, comfortable, and easier to use tools which I’ll be showing you next. This lifts the guard hairs and blows at the undercoat. Step One – Bathe your dog in warm water with good dog shampoo.

What home remedy can I use to untangle my hair?

Mix a little bit baby oil with conditioner and apply it to the tangles in your hair, taking care to not worsen them. Use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair gently, then shampoo and condition your hair as usual.

But in addition to baths, regular brushing can help remove dirt and keep your dog’s coat and skin healthy. Our mini Goldendoodle girl, Lexie, is now four years old and one of the biggest differences between our prior Golden Retriever and our Goldendoodle is grooming. I have wasted so much money on brushes, detangler sprays, and other junk that just did not work that well. As a result of my experience and waste of money, I thought I would share with you what I have found works to prevent matting. I will also give you three dog brush recommendations you need to prevent your Goldendoodle from getting matted.

In the spring, they lose the winter undercoat and grow in their lighter summer undercoat. You must be careful when using a high-velocity dryer to dry a dog. Do not point the airflow into a dog’s eyes, nose, or mouth.

  • The formula is for adult dogs and will help your Cockapoo maintain a healthy coat.
  • Due to its construction, it can also stimulate hair follicles and skin.
  • This alone is a life changer when you need to quickly and painlessly remove a mat from your dog’s fur.

By using quality de-matting products and tools and being careful while working to de-matt a dog you are creating a situation where many dogs will tolerate the de-matting process. If you have a dog that is fighting, trying to bite, and making noise about being de-matted it is probably in their best interest to clip the coat short rather than to de-matt. Part of grooming prep work is trimming the hair on top of a dog’s foot when the dog is NOT considered one that needs a full haircut. Many double-coated breeds fall into this category include Golden Retrievers, American Eskimos, and Newfoundlands. Curly coated and drop coated breeds are usually those who require a full haircut and trimming their feet would occur during the haircut.


Make sure that both you and your dog like the scent of the detangler before using it liberally. Also, if you’re using detangling spray primarily for the scent factor, it may be worth looking into dog deodorant instead. Shampoo isn’t the only product involved in grooming your Pomeranian.

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