14 Ways To Keep Your Dog Busy While Youre At Work

The best interactive dog toys will provide a great challenge for your dog, physically and mentally. They are designed to keep your dog’s attention, keep them moving, and stimulate their brains. Interactive dog toys provide pups with much-needed mental and physical stimulation.

best Interactive Dog Toys: Keep Your Dog Occupied!

’s Breathe Right ball can facilitate airflow to your dog’s lungs while running and fetching, and can be especially useful for small breed dogs with breathing problems. The ball is made from lightweight natural rubber, floats in water and can even be stuffed with treats due to its open design. Similar to the Wubba, the Kong Wild Knots toy has an internal knotted rope skeleton that “gives the small dogs something to grip,” said Schuetzner.

Brick Puzzle Game Dog Toy

If you are looking for an interactive toy for your four-legged friend, you ve come to the right place. Take a dog away from their humans and the outside world, and it’s going to get bored very quickly. If you don’t have time to take your dog outside at least once a day, we’d recommend that you research dog walkers in your area.

Why do dogs push you away when lying down?

Generally, you can feed your dog one tablespoon of cooked oatmeal for every 20 pounds of his weight. Don’t give your dog too much oatmeal at once because it contains a lot of carbohydrates and is relatively high in calories.

Slather the grooves with peanut butter or cheese whiz and freeze it to give your dog hours of tasty chewing fun. You can even fill the bottom up with treats or dog food to keep your pooch coming back for more. Even the most dedicated of chewers will find it hard to destroy this toy. It comes in many different sizes, and there is even an extreme version for the toughest of chewers. For dogs that love to fetch and chase, the odd shape causes it to bounce in an interesting, unpredictable way. You can give it to your dog as a treat or use it to feed portions of his meal.

Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball Interactive Dog Toy

Moreover, it has been reinforced with double-layered seams, so it should be able to withstand a good amount of chewing. Luckily, there is an array of dog toys and puzzles that match your dog’s physical aspects and health of all ages. Match your dog’s chewing habits to the toy for an entertaining and fun experience.

  • However, if your dog gets hours of entertainment out of it, then it can be considered decent value for money.
  • It’s innovative ‘S’ design makes it perfect for fetching and tugging while its bright colors make it easy to find.
  • Most dogs seemed to love playing with the toy, and it seemed durable enough to hold up to the chompers of most canines.
  • The durable canvas, rubber and EVA foam construction make it a great ball for outside games of fetch with your dog.
  • Watch your dog flip and slide their way to hidden treats with their tongue, paws, and more—all while sharpening their cognitive skills.

Likewise, these dangling rope arms provide numerous opportunities for your dog to grab, carry, and toss the toy for added fun. Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be a rope on the other end in order to be a fun interactive dog toy. Another rope and ball dog toy that looks like fun is the Zany Ball Rope Twister — but I can’t find anywhere locally to buy it. Interactive dog toys are a great way to keep your dog mentally stimulated and to ensure they aren’t bored. With so many different toys out there on the market today, you have such a choice, including shapes, sizes and different materials.

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