14 Different Types Of Artificial Grass For Your Yard 2021!

When you install artificial grass, you can expect significant savings on your water bills, and assurance that you are saving water for future generations. Homeowners in all regions and climates can enjoy the beauty and precision of artificial grass without having to pay for landscaping maintenance or spending their weekends doing it. Artificial Grass Wholesalers has an amazing selection of artificial landscaping turf, perfect for any landscaping job, outdoor sport, or indoor recreational area.

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A yard that is perfectly green will not look normal while one that has shades of lime, olive, dark green, and jungle green will. Instead of having to spend time and money fertilizing, mowing, and watering the lawn, when the grass is artificial, it will look green and the same height every day of the year. Artificial grass can also easily be customized, which makes it very simple to have the right lines drawn on the grass for your particular sport. By choosing different colors or patterns that are available, it’s easy to represent the local sports team.

Installation Costs

To help you decide which is best for you, we have compared the costs and benefits of each. Animals can be tough on natural grass, but XGrass Pet Turf can take it. Our system is specifically designed for pet applications with our innovative TruFlo backing system, antimicrobial infill and drainage tile. Used field turf is making artificial grass available at affordable prices. This lower price point gives more organization, schools, and municipalities the opportunity to install artificial turf. For instance, where as it may have been cost prohibitive to install artificial turf, these organizations have found used artificial turf to work more within their budgetary constraints.

SYNLawn also leads the way in the world of amateur and professional golf with top quality synthetic putting green surfaces, rough, collar, and fringe that perform just like real golf grass. Artificial grass is so popular due to the fact it is very easy to maintain and clean. Those with synthetic plastic materials and drainage holes will be the easiest to clean, as they will wash away any kind of debris. There are some other features you can look out for here, including a low blade length and a non-slip backing. In this review, we provide a list of the top ten product options when it comes to artificial grass. These products can be suitable for all users, whether you are wanting to use artificial grass in the home or outside as an updated appearance to your yard.

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  • Installing artificial grass requires a step-by-step process and careful attention to detail, so we put together a DIY Installation Guide to help you achieve the greatest results.
  • When the actual height of your grass is your main concern, you can’t go wrong with this option.
  • It has a simple installation, and this product comes with a 10-year warranty.
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