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13 Dog Training Games And Exercises To Make Dog Training Fun – pets blog

13 Dog Training Games And Exercises To Make Dog Training Fun

Read this information for all the tips to stop your German Shepherd puppy from biting and nipping you. When they finally quiet, even if only for a few seconds, reward them with a treat. Use this style of pet-safe partition gate to separate them off from the excitement that caused the unwanted behavior, while still allowing them to see you and not feel trapped.

  • But the learning curve extends even further to how we approach our children.
  • I would do this by pointing at the object and looking at it, and not letting him proceed with other activities until he picked up the ball.
  • In fact, some dogs are possessive to the point of aggression with some objects.
  • The toy dispenses treats as your pup flips, rolls, and digs at it.

Don’t attempt this trick if the occasional scratch mark on your wall will bother you. It’s so satisfying to see dogs engaging in play with one another, and it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll have one tired dog at the end of the day. You’ll also have a chance to catch up on some chores while the dogs create their own wrestle mania in your living room. You can always make their toys more exciting by ensuring you’re engaging with them by playing fetch or tug.

How To Make A Dog Poop Quickly

Sadly, it’s during this particular time that many dog owners give up and give a dog away or surrender the dog to a shelter. Dogs of this age are among the most commonly surrendered to shelters. Kayla is from Ashland, Wisconsin but lives in Missoula Montana. She holds a degree in biology from Colorado College and has spent years working in zoos, animal shelters, as a private dog trainer, and with working detection K9s. Wash, rinse, and repeat until you can see the dog respond readily to very slight leash pressure while inside, then start working on it in a familiar place outside. Cue your dog to sit, lie down, touch, or whatever other cue he knowsreally well.

Dog Training Toys: The 11 best Toys to Work on Training Commands

Smaller treats fit in it securely without falling out as the dog attempts to get to their prize. Some bulky sticks can get stuck inside of the toy and are difficult to remove. That means they’ll get to practice listening to you when they’re in a state of high arousal and learn to cool off quick when you say so. Handy for reactive dogs who are working on impulse control. Because in addition to driving out of the neighborhood to walk in a safer area, I also want a fun way to exercise the dogs I’m caring for…without having to leave their fenced in yard. Sometimes walks just aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Active Vs Reactive Dogs

The next day her eye was double the size and very oozy. Only something like Johnson’s bubbles wouldn’t aggravate eyes so be careful. Does your dog come up to you and nudge your hand when they want something? If you don’t find this behavior desirable teach your dog that sitting politely is the key to gaining your attention. Don’t be afraid to teach your dog how to act – without guidance they develop bad manners.

How do I socialize my dog high energy?

How to Calm Down an Energetic Dog or Puppy 1. Go for longer walks, or amp up the fitness level and try for a jog.
2. Spend time in the backyard letting them chase balls, sticks and toys that you toss.
3. Take them to the dog park and let them socialize with other dogs.
4. Head to an obedience class.

If your dog follows in lockstep, give him a reward. Don’t use treats to teach your dog the “no” command, as this may confuse your canine. Whenever you train a new command, repetition and patience are extremely important.

Reactive dog are afraid to try new things for fear they will be corrected for making mistakes. Marker training turns a dog into what we call an “Active Dog” vs. a “Reactive Dog.” So when you see a dog do this you need to know that your dog has not yet grasped the concept of the SIT command. A better example is when the dog has always been given the SIT command when you are standing in front of him in the kitchen. Simply turning your back and saying SIT results in a blank stair, or kneeling down or sitting on the floor and saying SIT gets no results. A dog has not generalized a SIT command when it will SIT in the kitchen or SIT in the garage but will not SIT when friends come over.

What kind of toys do wheaten terriers like?

Teach what to chew 1. Take responsibility for your own belongings.
2. Give your dog toys that are clearly distinguishable from household goods.
3. Supervise your dog until they learn the house rules.
4. Give your dog plenty of people-time.
5. Give your dog plenty of physical and mental exercise.
6. Build a toy obsession in your dog.

You need to understand what is going to be most valuable to your puppy when you want him to stop doing something undesirable and get him to pay attention to you. Digging a hole in the yard might be fun, but a piece of a hot dog or pepperoni might be 10 times better. I also merge this game with #10, “Go Find It” by teaching dogs to go find a specific person in the family .


Most will be small in size, but you can find some large interactive toys at this level. This game is a great way to build your dog’s love of “come when called,” exercise her nose, and play around on rainy days. Start by simply hiding behind a door or in another room , then call your dog.

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