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10 Homemade Foods For Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs – pets blog

10 Homemade Foods For Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs

Some examples include things like venison, kangaroo, bison, duck, and rabbit. Oats are a great addition to this meal because they are rich in nutrition. And while dogs don’t usually care for them, they will gobble this meal up because of the hamburger meat.

So if your dog turns his nose up at kibble, you may want to try giving him a wet dog food instead. Wet dog food has a high moisture content, which can help keep your dog hydrated. Whether you feed your dog wet dog food every day or just as an occasional treat, you know your dog is getting all the nutrients he needs.

I looked up the symptoms of vitamin D toxicity and freaked out. Excessive thirst and urination were high on the list, as was diarrhea. We immediately took him to the vet, paid extra to fast-process his blood work and urine+poop samples and the results were alarming. Compared to testing he had done last August, his numbers showed some serious concern for kidney disease. Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula is one of the most affordable dog foods available for pups with troubled tummies.

Canidae All Life Stages Premium Dry Dog Food With Whole Grains

Our pets show us that they love us unconditionally every day just by being them. By providing them with the correct nutrition can we begin to express our own love through food. Although this is not a food allergy, it has been proven that lowering the amount of protein in a dog’s diet can help with a sensitive stomach. This is due to the protein’s larger size, which can result in more work for your dog’s stomach while trying to digest them.

  • The first ingredient is chicken, followed by a blend of prebiotic fiber and other highly digestible ingredients.
  • This Solid Gold Holistic Food is a nutrient rich blend of 20 superfoods.
  • Please review/check into Diamond dog food for sensitive stomachs.
  • Dogs can develop food sensitivities in all life stages, but age, size, and breed are a big part of a dog’s propensity to develop tummy issues.
  • Choosing the best dog food for a sensitive stomach can be tough, but we’re here to help!

All too often, cheaper dog foods contain inferior ingredients that can upset the stomach of sensitive dogs. BIXBI is Certified Organic and is a powder that is easily added to dog or cat food. This supplement pairs well with dog foods that contain probiotics. This complete approach might be just what your dog needs to soothe their irritated stomach and digestive tract.

Wet Dog Food

And finally, remember that every dog is different and these may not be well-balanced for your specific canine. Discuss these recipes with a veterinarian before preparing them regularly. Special bowls are available that make it harder for dogs to eat quickly. If you have a small toy breed you may just feed them by hand if it gets them to slow down enough. Dogs that are naturally nervous can have stomach problems as a result. Creating the most calming environment for your dog will help, but it is just not always possible.

best Foods for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs

Help them acclimate gradually—keep car rides short, pick a slow time at the dog park and make sure they get plenty of positive reinforcement whilst at the vet. In a pup’s first year you may experiment with different foods. Whilst it’s vital to ensure your pup is eating high-quality nutrition, you must introduce all foods gradually over at least 4-7 days, longer than the recommendation for adult dogs (3-4 days). Prevent diarrhea by slowly mixing your pup’s new food into their existing diet, subtracting a little more of the old food each day. Owning a new puppy means lots of training to ensure good manners as well as fun tricks you both can perform together! The role of positive reinforcement training is fundamental and offering treats is an easy, effective reward.

If not, there are many things you can do to improve your puppy’s sensitive stomach, including finding a puppy food for sensitive stomachs. The best home remedy for your pets sensitive stomach, vomiting and diarrhea is yogurt. Yogurt cools the stomach and stops the vomiting and diarrhea immediately.

Why does my dog keep having stomach issues?

Digestive system disease can also be caused by enzyme deficiencies, damage to the digestive tract (such as from gastric ulcers or inflammation), or birth defects. Digestive system signs such as vomiting and diarrhea may also occur because of other diseases in the body, such as kidney, liver, or adrenal gland disease.

Also, there are tons of delicious food choices specially crafted for sensitive pooches. The good flavor makes the transition easier.Here is a complete guide on how to make the switch. Dogs are usually very fond of milk and other dairy products, but not all dogs can digest them.


They contain gluten proteins that aren’t processed correctly in the system. This type of allergy is very similar to Celiac’s disease in humans. When humans ingest something that they’re allergic to, they suffer physical issues in addition to gastrointestinal problems. As mentioned earlier, certain ingredients may be attacked by the immune system. Though it’s not perfect, it has plenty of protein and other nutrients that your pup needs to grow strong and healthy, while keeping his tummy happy.

You can still feed your dog raw food, but you’ll need to consult your vet and make any transition slowly and patiently. This formula is designed to provide complete and balanced nutrition for all breeds and life stages, giving you one of the most versatile options on our shortlist. With protein coming from a single premium source – deboned turkey – you’ll allow your dog to get a taste of nature without paying the price when he digests it. As well as leaving out the chicken, you won’t get any corn, soy, wheat, or cheap fillers either. Limited ingredient formulas can be a great way to keep your dog full and satisfied while minimizing the number of ingredients that could trigger gut issues.

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