10 Best Dog Training Books You Need To Read Today

She explains why the pack mentality is an outdated, and incorrect method of dog psychology, and gives good advice on how to teach your dog without using any forceful methods. While articles and forums can be useful to a new or experienced pet parent, nothing beats a book when it comes to knowledge. Besides meeting and working with a professional dog trainer, a book is one of the best ways to educate yourself about how to work with your dog.

  • It is all about keeping and strengthening that bond that exists among you and your pooch by implies of distinctive and entertaining routines.
  • Not everyone can understand certain terms that only veterinarians or dog experts understand.
  • You will also be able to identify recurring themes in their training philosophies, principles, and methodologies.
  • They’ve been sharing their expertise on the man-dog relationship, canine behavior, and dog training for more than 3 decades.

The book provides practical how-to information and just enough theory to help you understand why certain techniques work and others don’t, without leaving you bogged down in the details. Little Dogs is a dog training book all about training – you guessed it – little dogs! This 456 pages training book includes the theory and foundation skills for you and your dog.

The Art Of Raising A Puppy

This book seeks to make a dog owner see the world through the eyes of their canine in order to resolve behavioral problems easily. To be a good dog owner, you have to train your dog to be a well-disciplined, socialized pooch that knows how to act and listen. If you know very little, you are probably looking for a how-to guide with practical tips, which explains everything and doesn’t assume any pre-knowledge. If you are already quite knowledgeable, you will probably find this same book very frustrating to read. You would benefit from a title that deals more with the theory of why some techniques are more effective than others so that you can tweak your own practice. This is an updated version of a book originally written in 1978, so it can seem a bit old fashioned at times, but it will provide inspiration to any dog owner and is particularly useful if you own a German Shepherd.

View On AmazonConsidered one of the leading authorities in puppy training books, New Skete’s monks really have a scary way to communicate the essence of dog training. They have been sharing their expertise in the human-dog relationship, dog behavior, and dog training for more than three decades. Their book The Art of Raising a Puppy is considered one of the most authoritative, albeit in a very fun and entertaining way when it comes to raising puppies. This is important because all the basic elements can be found in puppyhood. It’s just one reason why thoroughly researched dog training books are the most trustworthy source for learning about dog behavior.

Zak Georges Dog Training Revolution By Zak George

The education of the dog is fundamental to achieve a smooth coexistence at home. Positive education is based on motivating and reinforcing the dog with prizes to achieve it. This article offers five guidelines for practicing positive education with the dog, from using the prizes and forgetting the punishments to being constant and patient. A practical guide to tackling the innate behaviour of guarding desirable resources like food, toys, favorite places, and people.

best dog training books

A practical guide to tackling the innate behavior of guarding desirable resources like food, toys, favorite places, and people. Donaldson walks you through the origins of resource guarding, how it presents in doggy behavior and exercises for working through it. Patricia McConnell demystifies the concepts of desensitization and counter-conditioning that can help a fearful dog to overcome their anxiety. This book will help you to identify your dog’s triggers and create a step-by-step plan to improve your dog’s quality of life. All in all, The Art of Raising a Puppy is not only well written, but this book is chock full of overwhelmingly useful advice you can refer back to all the time. “Written specifically for children, focusing on teaching them how to care for, train and nurture their new four-legged friend.”

The Puppy Training Handbook: How To Raise The Dog Of Your Dreams

Although she passed away in 1988, Woodhouse truly believed that there are no bad dogs, only inexperienced pet parents, and her mission was to help those people learn how to understand their pups. A good read for the experienced dog owner who is able to weed out old-fashioned negative training techniques and replace them with positive training. The Puppy Primer was written by Patricia McConnell, Ph.D. and author of 13 books, including such gems as For The Love of Dog and Tales of Two Species.

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