10 Best Artificial Grass Reviews By Consumer Guide In 2021

A big element driving up the costs is the expanding suite of features the best turf uses to mask its inherent shortcomings . Pet odors come up a lot, too, so there are features to mitigate the stench of animals relieving themselves on sunbaked plastic. Drainage is an issue, so the best fake grasses tout their permeability features.

There’s no reason why people who live in the city can’t enjoy a little grass on their balconies. While it would be impossible to grow real grass on a balcony, artificial grass can easily be installed so that the users can feel a little green under their feet when they are sitting outside. It’s easy to install and to maintain, allowing anyone to create a little bit of nature in his or her home in the city. Taking care of polyethylene artificial grass is fairly easy as it only needs to be raked or brushed from time to time to ensure that the blades are perked up and look their best.

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Best of all, these innovative putting green systems are easily installed in a few hours and ready for play. XGrass signature products are tufted with XGrass Fiber, our innovative artificial grass fiber that replicates the look of healthy, natural grass. Simulate the world’s most famous lawn courts with an XGrass artificial grass tennis court kit. This innovative turf can be used to re-surface an existing court or for new tennis court construction and comes in both green and clay colors.

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XGrass was founded on designing realistic greens, so we take golf very seriously. We supply turf systems for creating everything from tour quality putting greens to family-friendly putting courses. XGrass is an environmentally-friendly alternative to natural grass.


You can go with multiple shades of green, suiting your preference. It has good drainage holes, making it easy for water to dissipate and not stagnate the area. Like most hardscape elements, synthetic turf requires appropriate site preparation.

  • All in all, I found it to be the best artificial grass available for the price.
  • Our custom-built artificial grass cost calculator makes it easier than ever to put in your measurements and get a price for your fake grass.
  • With such a system, you can be sure that puddles of pet urine don’t build up and water puddles are practically a figment of your past.
  • This artificial grass can be used on a patio, deck, lawn, or anywhere outdoors.

Pink, turquoise, purple, orange, and yellow are all available as well if you want a pop of color when buying artificial grass. Most homeowners will not want to install these bright colors as their yards but they do have other applications. They are a great way to add a splash of color around a pool, in a dog run, or in an all-weather sunroom.

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Some people use cuts of turf to train their dogs or for indoor pet use, while some use strips of turf to practice their golf swing. When purchasing artificial grass, you can expect a price between 1,500 and 2,000 minimum. A lot of the products featured in this review are designed to have a simple installation that can be done yourself, which will reduce the cost of artificial grass overall. This artificial grass is one of the best as it looks like the real thing and is safe to use around children and pets. One of the worst issues you can come across using artificial grass is drainage problems. Lawns with poor training will settle water and if not solved on time, can cost users money for repairs.

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