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​10 Healthy Dog Food Ingredients – pets blog

​10 Healthy Dog Food Ingredients

This outdoor shrub is found mostly in the warmer climates. It produces lovely delicate flowers; however all parts of this plant are toxic to dogs. The primary poisons found in the Oleander are cardenolides or bufadienolides.

How can I repair my kidneys naturally?

Given the quantity of blood that filters through your kidneys on an hourly basis, those few extra cups are as insignificant to your kidneys as barnacles are to a battleship. So the best time to drink water is not at night.

Purina Pro Sport is a custom formula in the Pro line, that’s free of peas, legumes and lentils. Made for more active dogs, the Sport formula is a perfect food for the Labrador, and also a great dog food option for the Pitbull. While choosing an option, remember that it’s always important to consider why you are choosing a pea-free diet. As well as remembering your dog’s other nutritional needs too. We have ensured that there is something for every dog and every budget, and in no particular order, here they are.

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It lists prebiotic fiber and probiotic ingredients to aid digestion, as well as a wide variety of vitamins and minerals for overall health. Despite the fact that the treats are low in protein, they are still quite appetizing for your pets to enjoy. They have high fiber content, so your canines will feel satiated for a long time, thus reducing the chances of eating something they’re not supposed to. There are quite a few canine medical conditions which might require the modification of your pet’s diet to reduce protein content.

  • Try freezing them during the summer and swapping a stick out with one of their favorite chew toys.
  • This product has a 20% protein content, making this a middle of the road product on this list.
  • It’s also important to note that unlike humans, dogs don’t have access to toilet paper, so when they have a GI issue and have diarrhea, they lick their bottoms to clean it up.
  • Dogs cannot produce fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) on their own, so they must consume them through their diet.
  • Dogs that have ingested grapes or raisins can suffer renal failure or death.
  • Toppings are considered as treats instead of a dog food, however, because “they are not formulated as part of a nutritionally balanced food for dogs,” says Dr. Mitchell.

In fact, veterinarians often see dog patients that have been poisoned by food made for us humans. Check out the following list of fruits, vegetables and miscellaneous foods that are all harmful to dogs. From a physiological standpoint, Fido has a shorter gastrointestinal tract than his human counterparts. This means that a raw diet can pass through much more quickly, thus reducing the time in which any harmful bacteria could multiply. This allows Fido to gain the benefit of raw enzymes present in raw meat, and excrete the bacteria before it reaches harmful levels.


It helps to combat urinary stones which could be very painful for your pet by acidifying the urine to prevent stone buildup. It doesn’t contain any artificial chemicals in the form of flavorings, colorings or preservatives. There’s also a limited risk of allergic reactions due to the limited ingredients.

best Dog Food for Kidney Disease: Kidney-Friendly Foods For Fido

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