How Smart Are Hamsters

How Smart Are Hamsters

Hamsters are cute and small sized rodents who have stout bodies, tails that are shorter than the length of the bodies, have short stocky legs, small furry ears and a silky fur. These burrowing animals can be very smart and intelligent and if you train the creatures properly, the smartness in the animals will be further enhanced.

Your hamster can be made to do a lot of tricks if you teach it the right way. If you get a hamster that is young, around four to seven weeks old, you can train it better. It is important to maintain physical contact with the hamster, talk to it and cuddle it frequently, so that it is able to adjust to the environment easily.

Gradually, place food in your hand and encourage the hamster to walk up and eat from your hand. Stroke the rodent when it is eating from your hand. You can hide nuts in your shirt pockets and let the hamster run all over you and get the nuts. You can also lie on the floor with apples tucked behind your back, in your pockets and under your belt. Let the rodent search for the apples and get hold of them.

Smart but forgetful

Hamsters are generally smart creatures even though they are not blessed with sharp memories. Your training will bring the best out of them. Hamster breeders often host shows making the creatures do tricks, like climbing up the stairs, standing on their hind legs, and even riding a small bicycle.

These tricks certainly prove how smart these creatures are. People who complain that they have dumb hamsters, probably keep the rodents only in cages and do not touch and cuddle them.

If you fail to impart proper training to the animals, it is certain that the hamsters will not get smarter.