Making Homemade Pet Food

Making Homemade Pet Food

People who have pets at home often consider preparing homemade pet food for the animals instead of buying ready made pet food from the pet store or markets.

If you know what your pet dog or pet cat likes to eat and can make tasty and wholesome dishes for it, the animal will certainly appreciate it and love the food. However, it is important to consult a veterinarian before you insist on homemade pet food for your pet.

Nutritional Requirements

The nutritional requirements and capacity for digestion of an animal and a human are never the same. Homemade Food which is not harmful for you can pose to be a threat for their digestive system. So it is important to ask the doctor what kind of homemade pet food you can cook for your pet. Many pet lovers complain that their pets do not like the pet food available in the market that boasts of many nutritional constituents.

Dog food

If you have a dog, give the canine boiled brown rice, some meat (beef, lamb, and chicken), some fish, and some amount of vegetables. The dogs can also be given fresh fruits.

Ask the doctor which fruits are taboos for dogs. Yogurt is good for dogs and so is Brewer’s yeast and can be incorporated into homemade pet food. If there are growing puppies and lactating bitches in your house, you can try feeding them some cottage cheese.

Cat food

If you have a cat, give it meat as it needs the amino-acids contained in meat. A suitable diet for a feline will definitely not be a vegetarian one. Vitamin A cannot be given in abundance to the cats, so limit the cat’s intake of liver.

If you are feeding the felines fish, then make sure the fish is cooked as raw fish leads to vitamin B deficiency among cats. Cook nutritious homemade pet food for your pet at home. The animal is sure to love the homemade pet food you cook as it is will contain the special ingredients of love and care.