When Do Puppies Lose Their Teeth?

When Do Puppies Lose Their Teeth?

Dogs are like humans. As they are mammals like you, they are gifted with teeth that resemble those that grow in men. There may be some differences and you can easily pinpoint the dog’s fangs as teeth lacking in men. Do dogs lose teeth like men?

The dogs have two sets of teeth, much like men. The first set is the deciduous teeth, also called milk or baby teeth. The second set is the permanent teeth. So you see, there is a big semblance with men. And do not be surprised to note that the dogs have the same kinds of teeth – incisors, canines, pre-molars and molars.

So these pets grow teeth in much the same manner as men. And do dogs lose teeth in the same manner also that man does?

Do dogs lose teeth? Milk teething

Let us first check on the teething pattern of the dog. They start to grow teeth when they are still puppies. Like human babies, puppies are born without any tooth. They grow their first teeth between six to eight weeks old, much earlier than babies. These first set comprise of 28 milk teeth. These teeth are incisors, canines and molars. These are called baby teeth or deciduous teeth. So the first teeth of men and dogs have the same label – deciduous.

Now, let us find out the answer to this question – do dogs lose teeth?
The first teeth lost by a dog are their incisor teeth. Then, as milk teeth will all be lost, the pre-molars and canines follow the falling off of the incisors. The canine teeth are big ones and they are found at the back of the mouth. They have upper and lower canines and we refer to these as the dog’s fangs.

The teething episode is too painful for the dog. The discomfort continues for several months – until the duration of the teething process is completed. To relieve the pain, you will notice that puppies bite and bite any object that it sees. This provides them with relief.

So – do dogs lose teeth? They definitely do!

Shedding off deciduous teeth

When do dogs lose teeth?

  • The puppy begins to lose its deciduous teeth at age three to seven months. These milk teeth will be pushed by the growing permanent teeth.
  • The incisors begin to fall off when the puppy is three months old, a time when adult teeth are growing.
  • A month after, at four months old, the adult canines start to come out.
  • The permanent molars will come out when your pet is six to seven months old.
  • The full second set of teeth will all be out when the dog reaches seven or eight months of age.

How many teeth are there to lose

In order to determine how many teeth are lost by the dog, you have to know how many teeth normally come out of it. There are 42 permanent teeth in an adult dog and although dogs basically have 42 permanent teeth, you will find some breeds of dogs that can have fewer or more teeth.

The big Doberman dogs have lesser number of teeth while the greyhound has more.

Do dogs lose teeth – the permanent kinds?

It is not impossible for them to lose teeth. Nevertheless, they are luckier than humans because their teeth are not susceptible to tooth decay because they are not like us who are very fond of sweets.

It is now evident that dogs have two sets of teeth like men. They have the milk and the permanent teeth. But do dogs lose teeth? Yes, they do lose all 28 deciduous teeth to give way to their 42 permanent teeth.

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